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The Rules for Ride and Seek 2015

All challenges need rules. These were ours on the day we set off:


  1. We will each have 1 per day budget to spend however we please.
  2. The budget includes the following expenses: food, drinks, accommodation, bike consumables (inner tubes, tyres, spokes, etc.), toiletries, clothes and fuel.
  3. The exchange rate that applies on the day we arrive in France is the exchange rate we will use for the duration of the trip.
  4. Individual team members can pool their daily budget to buy something of a higher value.
  5. We are allowed to spend up to ten days' budget ahead of time so long as, at the end of the trip, we haven't used more than 1 per day travelled.
  6. We cannot work or sell belongings (including our own organs) for additional funds. We cannot steal, beg or dumpster dive.
  7. We can start with whatever we like, including food, drink, bike spares and toiletries.
  8. If the daily 1 budget is used to buy a lottery ticket, scratchcard or raffle ticket, the winnings cannot be added to the budget.


  9. We can take fruit, nuts, leaves and berries from private trees or plants overhanging the road or path but we cannot trespass to access food.
  10. No stealing (except the above rule if you consider that stealing).
  11. No bin diving.
  12. We can accept anything offered to us but we cannot put ourselves in a position likely to garner offers.
  13. We are allowed to knock on doors to ask for water, but not for food.
  14. In the unlikely event that we have foraged surplus food or caught more fish than needed, we are allowed to barter these items but we are not allowed to sell them.


  15. We are allowed to knock on doors to ask for permission to camp.


  16. We must have a great time and not whinge unduly if we don't.

The Rules for Live Below The Line

We will also run a parallel set of rules to comply with the Live Below The Line challenge. To consider the ride successful, we must reach Gibraltar having complied with both sets of rules.

  1. Only the cost of food and drink is covered by the 1 a day budget.
  2. All starting food must be included in the budget.
  3. Meals donated (if any) are to be deducted from the budget at the average cost of that meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) in that particular country.

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