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The Team

Here are the lucky four who started this adventure:

Dave Berkeley
Hi, I'm Dave. As well as being a keen cyclist and a lover of the countryside/quiet country lanes I enjoy watching foreign horror/drama films & British comedy, reading a good book, listening to heavy metal/rock & roll on good old vinyl and also a good jar of ale. Having recently done my 1st cycle tour, a ride round the SW & the length of Wales, I've certainly caught the cycle tour bug; it's certainly helped me appreciate there's more to life than work & the occasional 2 week holiday. I decided to take the plunge and do RideandSeek2015 because for a couple of years now I've been thinking of cycling through France and Spain and felt it would be good to do it with other people, especially as I'm new to cycle touring. I also felt the foraging aspect of this tour would be a good way to reconnect to the land a bit more as well as meeting new people and, hopefully, make new friends.
 Joe Callard
I'm 21 and have been cycle touring a few times previously. As of July I will be an ex-student with no idea what to do with his life. RideandSeek will be a good starting place for me as it will give me a few months of cycling in new places, eating new foods and seeing some more of the world. The foraging aspect of this ride is one that excites me as I have always been intrigued by self-sufficiency, on this ride we will have to be very close to being self-sufficient and I think it is this, alongside supporting Action Against Hunger, that will make it a very rewarding ride for me.
Steven Primrose-Smith
You've heard enough about me already.
Racz "Sabby" Szabolcs György
My nick name is Sabby, I guess it is easier to use. I am 35, qualified chef, bike builder, and chef teacher graduate. I have spent the major part of my life in different cities and therefore, I am pretty curious about living off the grid for a while, so this is the reason why I want to take part in this trip. I also look at it as a challenge, rather than a holiday. I am interested in many things related to the journey, like cycling, of course, foraging, bike fixing, wild camping, etc... I would like to expand my knowledge in these topics by experiencing them while on the road. I would also like to visit places I have never seen. Traveling and watching various landscapes passing by while cycling is one of the best things I have ever experienced.

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