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Who am I?

My name is Steven Primrose-Smith. Yes, I know it's a stupid name. I can't help it.

I'll be 45 when this adventure kicks off. I have a lot of experience in long distance cycling. I'm also passionate about food and particularly interested in wild food. While my knowledge of foraging is currently limited I will improve this before the ride. The more plants and creatures we can identify, the richer our diet will be. I do not plan to eat badly on this trip.

Some people like to define others by their professions. In case this matters to you I have been an electronics buyer, a technical author, a software developer, a comedy sketch writer, a maths tutor, a radio vocal actor (for about two hours) and the author of a book, No Place Like Home, Thank God. The book is an Amazon Bestseller, spending many weeks at #1 in their Cycling Top 100 and reaching #3 both in Travel and in Sport. Oh, and I was also a paperboy for a couple of years in the mid-80s.

In 2009 I very nearly died of a brain haemorrhage brought on by high blood pressure. When something like that happens you reassess your life and realise that if you want to do something you should do it now rather than later, because later might not happen. You might not have had a near death experience but if you feel the slightest inclination to do this ride then you really should. Because, as humans, we are always close to death, and one day all this - the sights, the smells, the smiles - will all be over. And then you won't be able to go back and do it. Maybe this ride doesn't appeal but perhaps you want to do something else instead, something you really want to do. Good. Do it. But do it now.

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